Scott KerrI offer you professional guidance using research-based interventions in a confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Whether you are seeking to improve interpersonal relationships, attain personal accomplishments, find greater fulfillment, peace, and normalcy or enhance spiritual enrichment, I can help guide you in the right direction. We all experience situations in our lives when we may need professional guidance and support as we face obstacles that seem overwhelming or impossible to overcome on our own.  I believe no problem exists without both a solution and a potential positive outcome. Seeking help is one of the first and very important steps to move forward and experience lasting change.

I am a licensed, professional psychotherapist serving the greater Phoenix Metro area with offices on the border of Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona.  I am committed to helping families and individuals target and address their unique needs by assisting them to find alternatives, relief from various symptoms or addictions and by guiding them toward meaningful interactions with their relationships and environment.  My solution-focused approach  can help you achieve your goals in a deliberate and timely manner.

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